About Our Services

Planning Services

We offer comprehensive planning services for domestic, international, and cruise travel. This includes things like hotel or cruise accommodations, transportation and transfers, car rentals, theme park tickets, travel protection, price monitoring, and even stroller, mobility, medical, and other specialized rentals.

We also work with you to manage the little details, like guided and self-guided tours, shore excursions, VIP experiences, special event tickets, dining reservations, and other small moments that become big memories!

Expertise and Experience

We prioritize certifications, training, and continuing education to provide clients with custom, informed itineraries for the destinations offered. We routinely attend trainings and conferences to bring the most current information to our clients.

Amy is currently a certified expert/specialist for Aruba, Atlantis, Australia, the Bahamas, Belize, Costa Rica, Denmark, Dominica, Jamaica, Los Cabos, Malta, Panama, Puerto Rico, Qatar, and St. Maarten, as well as a graduate of the College of Disney Knowledge and the UNIVERSALandU certification program.

About Our Specialties

Family Travel

As a mother, Amy knows all of the extra steps involved in traveling as a family. We anticipate things like car seats with transportation and transfers, stroller rentals, crib rentals, and more, so our clients don’t have to! We also provide my clients with sample packing lists, so they leave home feeling confident that they have everything their children need.

Group Travel

We also specialize in coordinating large group travel for events like family reunions, multi-generational family trips, destination weddings, and sports and dance team events. Let us take the stress off of the “lead planner” by being the point person for all traveling parties. We coordinate travelers’ individual and group plans and keep communication flowing between parties!

Accessible Travel

We firmly believe that travel should be accessible to everyone and strive to remove barriers and coordinate services for our clients. We work with suppliers to provide equitable experiences for all of our clients and identify appropriate accommodations to help our clients get the most of their vacations.

Novice Travelers

We love helping inexperienced travelers find their way in a new destination! Our detailed travel documents reduce anxieties to allow them to travel with confidence!

About the Booking Process

Step 1: Consultation

Submit your quote request and schedule your consultation by clicking here!

Step 2: Review Your Personalized Quote

After your consultation, you’ll receive a personalized digital quote, packed full of information about your preferences and available options.

Step 3: Place Your Deposit(s)

When we’ve found the perfect package, we’ll process your deposit directly with the supplier.

Step 4: Prepare For Your Vacation

As your vacation approaches, we’ll work together to make sure you’re confident and prepared to head to your destination!

Step 5: Enjoy Your Vacation!

Enjoy your vacation! And don’t forget to send pictures!